Kettle Drum, by Josh Beemish, performed at Bazaar Cafe

Live at Backyard Coffee, Redwood City

Late night practice at The Mission in Fremont.

Live Recordings from Hotel Utah/Bazaar Cafe

Virgin Dahlia:,withtheblueoceancollective

Owl Lady:,withtheblueoceancollective

Bits Of The Blue - a subset of the full collective



The Blue Ocean Collective is comprised of four songwriters Luna Taylor, Josh Beemish, Sean Cody and Rozanne Gewaar, and musical collaborators.

Luna Taylor is a poet, ocean conservation ambassador, shadow photographer extraordinaire, singer/songwriter, explorer of sound and sight and so much more. Follow her sounds at  or

Josh Beemish usually carries a beard, a hat, a few illustrator pencils in his jacket pocket, a banjo on his back and a new song or two in his noggin. He is at ease in front of a roomful of animation students, his weekly hosting of Bazaar Cafe, or in your favourite club/living room, solo or with projects like The Dull Richards or My Beemish Boy.  Find him on Instagram, or Facebook.

Sean Cody is a regular at songster venues all over San Francisco, much loved in his songwriter and legal circles. He loves to tell a story, is that guy at the party who can play almost any song you ask him to (on almost any instrument, it seems), and has a rich, warm voice and simmering melodies always just waiting to leap from that earnest notebook he usually carries with him.

Rozanne Gewaar cobbles pieces of South Africa, Europe and several American cities into her ever-growing songlist. She is always dreaming up the next music video project, hosts an annual Songs Under The Tree and music video exchanges, when she's not doing her small part to groom that humming underbelly of the Internet, for her day job.

Together, the Blue Ocean Collective share selections of each of their songs, honed by Josh's arrangement sensibilities, Sean's effortless multi-instrumentation, and Luna's precise and decadent harmonies.